Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thank you!

Our meeting drew 10 more people than we expected, we had to set out more chairs until the hall was packed. I continue to be amazed how many people have stories different from mine and yet, when it comes to the hopes that well up because we might, just might, have a congress that can start to rein our country away from its reckless and heartless course, they are so much like me. Good ideas and good energy come packaged in all souls and all sorts of people...sometimes I think all we have to do is just thaw people out with a ray of hope and much more political will and engagement emerges.

Look out congress, here we come!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Main Street hopes to step on K Street.

Yes, I have been busy. I had spare time before I took up blogging. Lately all that time has gone elsewhere:

You might think the recent election would get the attention of our congress. But now we want to keep their attention on our issues. Come meet the kind of people who turned the election: people like you! The Operation Democracy council serving the western suburbs of Boston is holding an open House [and open Senate is planned] meeting to kick off our "Mandate for Change" campaign to make the congress work as we voted for them to work. Come to a one hour meeting at the John M Barry Boys & Girls Club of Newton at 675 Watertown St. on Tuesday December 5th. Sign-in is at 7:pm. Come see how much fun grass roots politics is. Operation Democracy is affiliated with but council members are strictly volunteers and make decisions locally. If interested and likely to attend, please let us know by registering for the event via this MoveOn page.

Novemeber 7th should not be the last time your wishes counted so come on down and help us shake things up. We have an in-your-face kind of petition drive that will let you get a lot more impact than just puting your John Henry on a plea to fix healthcare or the environement or get out of Iraq...though we will tackle all those things over the coming months.