Friday, March 17, 2006

further condolences to my Australian friends.

It appears that Howard is in a rush to out do the bush league in regard to forgetting what freedom of speech ideas have grown up among English speaking countries since the days of the Magna Carta. And he certainly matches the fashionable trend of US politicians for becoming extremely thin skinned.

If someone has mirrored that parody site, let me know. I want to read it now that Howard has called my attention to it. I could be persuaded, if it strikes me as a fair or funny take on matters, to carve out a subdomain on a domain I control, to provide a home for pages banned because they do not benefit the mighty.

Be aware that the domain registrar, Melbourne IT, is complicit in this, caving to the Australian Govt under the pretext that satire had nothing to do with it and it is a matter of infringing intellectual property rights. Bull shit! Melbourne IT holds domain registrations for sites with owners from several countries...check your own WHOIS before you take action against them. You may be able to transfer registration [and the fees, which ICANN allowed to go up] to a more freedom loving registrar if you own a domain registered with Melbourne IT.


Gerry said...

Have you read Richard's main website lately?

GreenSmile said...

I hadn't.
So I went and looked.

That was profitable I have a lot of reading to do.