Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The real reason we need to impeach Bush

Strictly speaking, there are several activities that the son of a Bush has participated in with full knowledge which clearly meet the criteria of "high crimes and misdemeanors" that violate the constitution and laws of the US. There are books and newspapers filled with enough evidence and argument written by legal scholars and journalists to make a far more compelling case than any brought against former president Clinton. What punishment would be enough for lying to us in order to get us into a nightmarish war? What punishment would be fitting for condoning warrantless spying on US citizens when the same surveillance could have been as effectively carried out under court supervision via the mechanisms in FISA?

No, we can never "get even" with this man and his cohorts, we can never restore the thousands of lives snuffed out by his unnecessary war. The best reason for dragging the spoiled conniving son of a Bush before a public court is this: We need to officially air his breaches of law and spell out their consequences in the public record. We need to do this so that his supporters are on notice that he really did bad things and denial becomes that much more foolish an escape. This will give the people he fooled into voting for him the scapegoat they need as he is not worthy of even the foolish admiration of a kneejerk conservative. This will remove all doubt and surprise about the monumental and probably unpopular costs of redressing the harms he has done.

The cost of cleaning up, at least in the political sense, needs to remain on the shoulders of the son of a Bush and not be accounted to those who come in his wake and actually spend the money to repair the damage. For the record, we must lay the blame where it belongs and expose the depths of the damage.


4thEstater said...

"Rights On," GreenGrimace.

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a quick review of comm. theory reminds me that any channel has two terminals.
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Anonymous said...

I urge you and your readers to take a few minutes to examine:


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