Thursday, July 10, 2008

What "too old to run a country" will look like:

photo credit: Huffington Post
Phil Gramm was never smart enough to run an economy and had a lot to do with ruining one. John McCain was never smart enough to run a country either. Habit replaces vigor. McCain is just snapping back instead of thinking. I say that though I am pushing 60 myself...tough. But being either too afraid or too stupid to admit a mistake shows an ossified soul, a mind brittle with age. Nobody being perfectly smart, I'll take the one who can admit mistakes. The ability to lead with humility or the lack of it is, despite a determined but futile campaign to paint Obama as "elitist", showing up as a strong differentiator between the choices we are offered for president. If it is not elitist to tell voters they are head cases for thinking the economy is in the toilet, telling them in effect that they are to blame, then I don't know what that word means.

McCain sounds like any other senescent old fart: self satisfied with his recollection of his glories and good deeds, his missteps visible to all but himself, striking the poses from memory but grown quite vague on the purposes. You can get a speech like his at many an assisted living facility.

If Politico has unpublished a reaffirmation of that idiotic pronouncement, then the ministry of truth over in McSame land is reaching hard to expunge the "mental recession" remark from every record they can reach. Lets see if they get HuffPo to take it back. Or me for that matter. When I search "mccain gramm 'mental recession'", in Google news, I find 461 matches...the truth machine over at the McSame HQ better get busy. When I first read an AP or Reuters headline on the gaff [it was a mistake? Are you sure? is McCain sure?] I thought I'd got the Onion by mistake and they were coining a euphemism for McCain's intellectual deterioration or the collective IQ of his economic advisers. Hmmm, that latter may be the case, Onion or not.

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