Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let me oversimplify this for you

Debt is just another kind of tax..but one for which we tax payers get nothing in return for our payments, one that is appealingly cameauflaged to those who are just too selfish to pay taxes directly out of their own pockets.

The republicans have no standing to mount any objections to debt: they took it on faster in the  last 30 years than any other faction ever did.  Debt of record breaking proportions is now held out to be our only short term remedy to the wrecked economy.  I hope so but I am stocking up on canned goods and generators just in case.  When trying to distinguish between the nearly indistinquishable economic consequences of Republican vs Democratic administrations, it may help to weigh how much of the monies raised and spent came back to you in any material and beneficial form.

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