Friday, February 27, 2009

Now it gets interesting

I miss blogging.  There is plenty to think about and aggitate for these days.    For all my complaining, it is simply delightful to finally have a grown up in the white house.  His revenue restoration proposals, which many will simply dismiss as tax-the-rich, are going to cost the greensmile household plenty.   Preservation of dividend exclusions is actually a significant softening of the blow because capital gains will be scarce for some time to come.  I wondered when the bills from the Bush/Reagan years would come due.  Sooner is better than later, trust me.   If there are enough grownups out here pulling down good salaries, maybe, just maybe, we will get through these hard times.  The gauntlet is down, the congress and the people now have to step up to the challenge that real leadership presents.   Now it gets interesting.   

BTW, its not much but still, it comforts me a little to see that people who should know what political stripes we the netroots wear, have in fact finally figured out that we are liberal. We have crept out of the shadow of four-letter word status that Gingrich, Rove, Limbaugh etc. tried to cast on that word.  

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