Tuesday, October 31, 2006

November 7th Surprise

Maybe this kind of stuff is what has Rove so cocky. Doubts about whether manipulation of vote counts have occured simply got to be tiresome to MSM but are still not resolved to my satisfaction.

Causes for Rove's show of smugness that I discount:

I can't imagine even the most desperate peace deal Bush dares to make would lead his new enemies in Iraq to let him claim a victory or even a truce...the insurgents are getting just what they want because the are dealing with an idiotic politician.

The Dow Jones topping 12000 in Octobor may look good to the people who fund the attack ads Rove et al have barraged us with but what does it mean to crowds of voters who used to work at GM an Ford just two years ago? The economic surprise the average american is far more concerned with a pink slip or an uninsured health problem.

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