Friday, October 20, 2006

When powerful Republicans talk honestly...

...nobody else gets to listen. Its kinda like the tree falling in the forest. My theory is that they often talk about Dick because, though he's nowhere in sight, he scares them almost as much as he scares you and I.

If only they spent more time talking about [or even understood] foreign policy that would do what was promised for security. If only the values they have practiced matched their pompous talk. If only they knew or cared what their spending will do to our economy and what it already has done to our capacity to heal, house or rescue our own citizens. If only they asked the CIA for facts instead of telling them what the facts should be. If only Bush could tell competence from confidence. If only they listented to constituents instead of Jack Abramoff, William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Dodson, Pat Robertson. If only they had done some of these basics of decent political leadership, they would not be having their heads handed to them on a poll. When the people talk, when will the Republicans get around to listening?

The more energetically you go about "solving" problems that are mostly imaginary, the more effectively you make problems that are real.

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