Thursday, October 27, 2005

Govt takes pity on Wealthiest in wake of Katrina

I have come to expect self serving, lying, illinformed policies and actions from the executive branch headed by Bush. He has a life long record of using his connections and his position far more vigorously than he uses what little brains he has. But I am increasingly dismayed that our congress is just as blind as the whitehouse when it comes to balancing the interests of the little people who voted them into office against the interests of the big people who financed the political campaigns. Today's case in point also shows how quickly the reflexes of the greedy work within the hallways and offices of power...who even noticed that we who will bare the burden of massive deficit spending and reduced governent expenditures on behalf of those who truly need help have all been shafted by a hasty bit of legislating cloaked as national altruism for hurricane victims?


Anonymous said...

This past weekend FEMA and the City of Austin, along with the Texas
Workforce Commission setup a job training/hiring/interview/job fair
for all the Katrina FEMA evacuees in the Austin area to be held at the
ACC campus on Webberville Road in East Austin.

Several of the evacuees said they had no transportation to get from the
apartment complexes, private homes, hotels, motels, and inns where they
are living. So the city of Austin/FEMA/TWC set up transportation for
each of them to ensure they would be able to partake of the benefit
of job searching.

The transportation consisted of nine buses and vans, to run from
four locations in Round Rock, and five locations in Austin, in continuing
shuttles back and forth to the campus to ensure that the hundreds of
people looking for jobs would be transported in comfort.

The vehicles were brought to their residences; drivers knocked on
the doors; and every effort was made to ensure they knew the
transportation was available for them.

At the end of the day, the nine vans and buses transported a total
of one person. Not one person per bus - one person total.
The bill to FEMA was $7800.
MORAL: Why work if someone else is paying your bills

GreenSmile said...

you get what you subsidize.