Monday, October 10, 2005

What, after all, has Bush got to hide?

I just can't understand how a president so allied with the righteous of our nation, so identified with the goodness of Christianity, would feel a need to hide from the public even his papers that were NOT subjects of national security. Kitty Kelly of the NYTimes has reminded us clearly of just how dubious Dubya is about his record as president. I once blogged about the difference between a man who wants to do right and one who needs to "be right". How naive of me! What if the man knew he was wrong? Wouldn't he just hide the facts if he had the power do so?

Kelly's most salient point, aside from what a rotten coward we have in Dubya, is that analysis of why this administration has formed and pursued the policies it has will be seriously hampered. This is not just a hardship for scholars and political commentators: the sickness that is Bush league politics will remain hard to cure until its filthy workings are exposed.

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Brownie said...

'filthy workings exposed' is applicable to the Cabinets of several countries OTHER than the one run by GWB; so ... what does this tell us all?
He/They could be replaced with several others, and we would have the same result. We need a new way to elect leaders, because the selection and campaign processes filter out the GOOD people.