Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Whats new? Whats with the name?

Nothing. Its 1968 all over again.

I live in a country that has always overspent its generous endowments. Now, signs of rot the like of which have not been afoot since the latter days of Rome grip my nation, even while its nurturing and fair gifts still hang like tattered garments on its corpulence. Elsewhere, I blog and vainly attempt not to have an upset, shrill political voice. That has proven impossible. I have not the energy or skill to bring much news to the world or original insight...but count me, like a vote, as yet another voice on the side of humane reason, joining the growing crowd that will not disperse when the new American fascism calls upon us to look the other way, to burn more oil and to send more boys to war.

My anti-war ranting is drowning the sensible voice in which I would rather speak.

So mostly what I expect to do with this blog is add my two cents to the commentary on Bush league policies and particularly what seems to be their policy for turning middle eastern dictatorships into demoncracies: "Bomb a Nation" into democracy. "Me too" is contribution enough for me if I can just be another voice for peace.

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