Thursday, October 27, 2005

Nominee finally shows probity the job demands: withdraws

Ironic that until this juncture, nearly anyone who does not regularly visit the west wing sought in vain for signs Ms Miers had, to put it bluntly, good judgement. Whitehouse, howevever is still mired even if there is at last some little thing for which Harriet can be admired.

There is, I hope some have noticed, another lesson in the relief this withdrawal has brought to every politcal quarter except the shrinking turf of the whitehouse: Liberals, having been joined by many conservatives in condemning the spectacularly inept choice by Mr. Bush, should henceforth take care in thinking of or publicly characterizing the conservatives either as a monolith or as unthinking. Breaking ranks in this case may have been compelled by Bush's show of incompetance but break ranks they did...give 'em credit for doing the right thing even if it is for the wrong reason.

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