Monday, June 09, 2008

Give him a pom-pom, send him down to the sidelines

Kristol is the last McCain cheerleader who still has a national, neutral pulpit. He has just shit in the pulpit. The more's the shame on the New York Timid for retaining this puke in the name of fairness and balance. In Kristol's world, McCain's experience is all that matters. There is never a word about how many times he has changed directions and gone against his own word and his own experience.

After his flops on torture, I knew he was a simple tool. His experience is not worth a thing to me.

His opinion piece in the Times today seems to conclude the only thing wrong with McCain is the style of those who plan his campaign while substance is not lacking. Kristol spins and sifts desperately through the wan Republican campaigning for anything he can claim sets McSame above Obama and finds it in the 2007 senate vote to approve the surge. In WK's world the surge is working. this twaddle sits comfortably in Kristol's selective vision.

Even if the surge did "work", it should be viewed for what it is: a temporary band aid on a symptom of a problem for which our own oil imperialism is a the the cause. Obama went for the cause and all Kristol can say is praise for the band aid.

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