Saturday, June 14, 2008

The right way is not the easy way

The conservatives fantasize a simplified homogeneous world in which their enemies are killed and eliminated from the scene.

The liberals set themselves the much more difficult task of laughing their enemies off the stage of history.

The former method only leads to discovering that killing enemies merely reveals more enemies. The term "last man standing" is akin to other objectives of social Darwinism and the conservative mindset. Were that conservative program taken to its ultimate extreme the planet would have a population of one, or perhaps literally a last man, having to kill off male children as they come into conflict with their daddy.

Co-operation is so much more difficult when it involves people who imagine freedom is free from responsibility. Its hard enough with groups who understand the need for mutual responsibility but interpret the need in differing ways. But nothing could be farther from nature, or god if you will, or from sustainability than a population of one.

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