Saturday, June 14, 2008

What if you board a swift boat against Obama and it goes to the bottom with you in it?

Expose yourself! Use your real name and your real zip code ....and hope it will make a real difference.

, Daily Kos and others point us to a travesty in the making: The national press club intends to give a legitimizing microphone to one of the scummiest swift boaters who ever cast lies at Obama. You can sign a petition and let them know what you think of that idea.

I did and enjoyed unloading on these dupes:
Dear National Press Club:
I realize you guys are terrified of a serious and highly competent candidate like Obama because:
1. he won't be appointing FCC regulators who blindly support the business objectives of your MSM masters.
2. he won't close access to your new media and net roots competition
3. he won't be the high visibility laughing stock who is funny enough for Colbert but gladly stages photo ops for you.

BUT, as an occasional consumer of your increasingly shoddy product, I warn you that I will go after the sponsors of your news programming mercilessly if you insist on hatchet jobs like Larry Sinclair being given the implied approval of the podium at your confab. It is up to you not to cheapen yourself and reduce your influence on America's political conversation. It is ironic that your ridiculous excesses in attempting to steer political outcomes will lessen your power to do so. What if you board a swift boat against Obama and it goes to the bottom with you in it? I strongly urge you to dissociate your name and reputation from this sort of smear while you still have a reputation worth saving.

-[my real name never appears on this blog]

Person's confusing satire with lies and innuendo are a ready audience for Fox News and a very significant factor in the stupid outcomes such as the election of 2004.

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