Thursday, June 05, 2008

McCain: He really is McSame

Is there any way or sense in which McCain is likely to promote policy that is really different from Bush? I don't think so. McCain knows he has a huge liability in Bush but closing the doors of fund raisers to the press won't fool anyone. His weird spiel about having the right change is outrageous but for those who need details:

Economic policy: more of same...or worse!
Why has oil price changed 100% in the amount of time that oil demand changed 10% and supply has increased a bit? In testimony before congress yesterday, Michael Greenberger tried to explain how it all got so bad:
He stated that former Senator Phil Gramm of Texas sneaked the Enron loophole through a large piece of insignificant legislation years ago: the result was that regulations upon the futures industry were abandoned. This loophole eventually allowed the current CDO-subprime crisis, and the current energy market crisis because regulations, which once protected the market from manipulation, are no longer enforcable.

Your republican administrations put oil prices out of the hand of car owners and oil well owners. Yes the same Phill "supply side" Gramm that poisoned oil market regulation is now McCain's brains on economic policy. That means not just more-of-the-same Bush policy, it could mean worse-than-Bush policy. That very Gramm had a significant hand in running the economic security of the middle class into the ground over the last 20 years. He got Reagan out of the impossibility of supply side economics [cut taxes but spend more] by initiating the mechanism that encourages congress to raise the nation's debt cieling rather than be fiscally responsible and [god forbid] ask people to pay taxes for all those shinny guns and planes they need more than their jobs, hospitals and roads. You have heard Captain Windsock say he will cut taxes. Now you know where that brilliantly original malarkey is coming from.

Shredding the Bill of rights?
He promises to listen in on your lives same as Krawford's Konservative Kowboy.

The war in Iraq?
Bush says "This is the great war of our times. It is going to take forty years,"
McCain says U.S. troops could spend "maybe 100" years in Iraq. [And one presumes the DoD budget for that is no joke.]

Would a McCain administration be free of the lobbyists that tarred Bush?
Hardly...which is pathetic considering the floppy Captain Windsock's pose as the maverick reformer out to clear the temple of government of lobbyists.

Would McCain retain any pudgy fascist advisers who served Bush?
You bet he would!

So, tell me, how is the ill tempered Captain Winsock one bit different than Bush?
He is a lot older and he once served his country. That's about it.

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