Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Settling for a virtual impeachment....

Nothing, no scandal, no lie, no abortive outcome of the various failed policies, has been sufficient to tip congress toward the impeachment of the worst president in US history. So we are going to have to settle for trying the Bush League in our gutless "free" press and our blustery blogosphere.

For that less than satisfactory exercise, a larger collection of lesser quality evidence will do as we set firmly into the record, should historians ever re-read the media of these times, the culpability and incompetence of this president and the crew of crooks he drew into the official and unofficial circles of power in Washington.

To Be SentencedToday's exhibit I found on TPM: The white house claims the president never met well maybe once met with Jack Abramoff, that maven of corrupt lobbying. But in fact, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has photos of six different occasions of these two chumming it up:

The previous exhibit was the belated Senate committee findings, without consequences, that Bush and co. lied to get us to go to war with Iraq. Doesn't it seem just a little ironic that Hillary Clinton has suffered more [by losing the progressives and anti-war voters who went for Obama] for her vote to invade Iraq than the god-damned liars that set up that vote? This particular travesty has the stamp of pure partisan ship on its timing and its lack of consequences.

In the coming weeks, we can add whatever Scotty sings to the record of deception.

I repeat news, and there is no end of such news to be repeated, because there is a need to flood every other venue with the sorry facts that will not get tried in the one place that would have saved some lives or dollars: congress. It may change a few minds disposed to vote again for the Bush party of grafters and jingoist fools. As long as we don't get another Republican administration, it seems that the default activity left to the successor administration will be summed up by that committee title: Oversight and G0vernment Reform.

How long before McCain starts saying, as Bush has said of Abramoff: "Bush? I never met the man. I hardly know who he is." How long before the ignorant and fearful over at clownhall.com cease to mention the tarnished name and just say all the problems he left us must be the fault of the 2006 election losses?

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